Some of the code here is developed and distributed by, the rest by various open source developers.

In most cases we have tried to link to the developer's homepage. This is for a couple of reasons:
1) The code is distributed under a variety of licenses, see the home page for all details.
2) There might be more updated versions of the software available for you to download.

The updating of these pages will tend to be very sporadic, and mostly geared towards "web-java" ie applets and stuff that is useful for applets or flash movies. You might even think the servlets a bit funny, as they are often written as if they were applets. (The author holds a very definite view on why Java lost the consumer market to Flash, and that is because Java 1.0 ceased to be a standard. While flash got leaner and meaner, java got fatter and fatter. Stick all the code in one big document - access the pixels directly in an applet - optimize the inner loop by turning everything to ints - make some cool images - save a file to the server - that's all you really need from java. Ah, well. All the java code here is written to play on Java 1.0 - but it will compile under the latest java versions - without a 'deprecated' message.)


a collection of (more or less...) useful javascripts developed over the last four years

java class that will convert a jpeg image to a flash movie. Important! This servlet will not correctly convert a photoshop JPG - as they do some funny stuff with their jpgs. But it will correctly convert a jpg from one of the java image reader/writer packages you can download below (fi Jimi).

a java servlet that will traverse all documents on a web site, zip them and keep the folder structure under the root folder. this is useful for online flash tools that for instance encode text files and turns jpegs to flash movies. after an update all files on the server can be downloaded locally. the source file comes with a web.xml example ...

a java servlet that will grab some variables from a flash movie and send a mail to predestined address. Should compile under java 1.0 (and could thus easily be rewritten as a mail applet)

The flash project file for the above servlet. You would need to work a bit with this one. It is only a suggestion...

a java servlet that will take any form, sort the entries alphabetically, mail the result to a given address - or one from the form, plus it will check for valid domains, and if the reply should be HTML or it should format a URLencoded string to go into a flash movie. It should be easy enough to modify for your needs.

A servlet that will grab a file from an applet and write it to disk on the network. Important! Of course the usual sandbox restrictions to java applets apply: both the html document, the applet class files, and the servlet need to reside on the same server. And the url to the servlet must be under the html document and class files - or the applet WILL fail on some platforms. Apart from that, this applet has been tested on all platforms: linux, mac and windows without problems.

(Yet another) animator applet. What's special about this one? Well, if you roll all your own filters, and just want to access the pixels, that's what this one does. On my system the supplied source code - with a few hastily thrown together filters - white noise and a blur - renders 25 frames per second and never uses more than 5 percent of the CPU (win 2000 on a 750 mhz processor). The HTML code is enclosed - with parameters for colorizing the image and setting the frame rate.

A color picker written entirely in javascript.

An implementation of Macromedia's Flash 2 player. Click here to preview. If you just need the source code (with a short tutorial) for the implementation, click here... All in all, it is funny to download 50 k of code to play a 5 k movie...

If you work with java 1.0 (web-java) and want audio, the meagre tools at you disposition are the AudioClips - with very rudimentary methods, and a not-so-sexy audio format (sun au / java web mono). But at least you can mix sounds, and the download is slight. If you've ever used this class, you have propably experienced the sound hanging after exciting the page (or even the browser). The workaround is to place the audio in a separate thread - which allocates system resources to keep tabs on the audio. Click here for an implementation, or here for the source code.


For open source java / flash file format you would be well advised to visit for all kinds of PERL, C or any other code. And you have the alternative to the Macromedia SDK For discussions - the openswf board at flashkit:

But this page is dedicated to java code. And for that, you could start at Nick Main's javaswf homepage

And you have the work done by Dmitry Skavish on the java/flash generator: Sometimes, when I think of the gigantic work undertaken by certain programmers, I get all tired in my head just thinking about it. Of course, that work is in a league of its own.

For java image export functions in applets, we use Sun's Jimi image reader writer code, which you will find at They have put an awful amount of nice classes into Java 2 and so forth, but if you want to export a jpeg from applet, you need something like Jimi.

If you just need a jpg-encoder, try the one written by James R. Weeks:

If you just need a gif-encoder, try the one written by Jef Poskanzer ( Here you will find an enormous amount of interesting java code.

If you write your own image filters in java for animations, and want to use the animations in other applications, one of the best non-lossy options is to export the images as a PNG sequence. Try J. David Eisenberg's png encoder

I found a very interesting pop servlet on the net, written by Donn Morrison, but I have been unable to find his homepage. The source code is here: (I later tracked him down, and he said, sure, go ahead and publish it...)

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A final warning: We do in no way endorse any of these products. They have been excellent for our use, but as with anything on the web, you implement what you find at your own risk. We have done our best to keep the links correct, but we can not guarantee that this will be so in the future.

Please report any broken links to And of course - if you have time to correct bugs (which I am sure there are plenty of), please send us a line...

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