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all the fonts on our page must be set to exactly 8 pixels (or multiples of 8) - and that goes for all of them. if you use photoshop, you must turn off antialiasing completely - and that means completely (no crisp or strong or whatever). in flash any textfield must be set on round xy coordinates, that is whole pixels (not 13.7 but 14.0 etc.). apart from that, we won't write another tutorial on pixel fonts in flash and/or on the web, as there are many excellent tutorials and faq pages out there: has both very nice fonts custom made for flash use - and a very good guide to anti-antialiasing fonts in flash. has some nice pixel fonts (not free, but cheap), but the main attraction on the site is his articles and faq's on the topic of screen fonts.

some more links...

the net abounds with lists of fonts and font repositories. here is one of the longest list of pixel and led fonts you could ever wish for:

if you got any feedback, discover any broken links or truncated files - or simply wants to drop us a line, don't hesitate to contact us:

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